How to Last Longer In Bed

You (man) is lucky enough if you know how to last longer in bed with your sexual partner in every time and every place. You all guys sure wanna be a great lovers and could lasting longer in bed with your partner to achieve orgasm both of you. It’s great that both of you could achieve orgasm in same time and you guys later or woman first. If we take a survey to women and asked them what is the most thing that prevent you achieve orgasm? The answer was my husband or my boyfriend couldn’t last longer and they have finished before I got climax. This is disappointed.

So what is ideal time that woman could achieve orgasm? The statistics show that about 10-25 minutes they needed to reach their climax in sexual activity. Women do not like men that they (men) could ejaculate in less than 1-3 minutes just focusing sex only. Women are different, they needed to be treated nice and takes time. This point is we need foreplay as long as you need. Don’t be hurry to penetrate, relax and treat her body from up until down. There are many sensitive parts beside nipples and vagina.

Techniques How to Last Longer In Bed

Kissing would be a great way to raise lust and was important key in foreplay. Kiss as long as you like for 5 until 10 minutes would be great and then go for another part of body like neck, ear, legs and stomach. If you mastered it, she or your partner would be arousal and not patient again for you to penetrate her. While penetrating, remember not to be hurry. Take 3 seconds to put it inside and outside, don’t take 1 second because it will make you ejaculate quickly. Remember to take deep breath and slowly. Let her enjoy your swaying and change your position to delay the ejaculation too.

If you feel about to ejaculate, stop and distract her with your kiss or something else until you gain control. Do this technique sure will help you could last longer in bed with your partner. This the basic part of how to last longer in bed tonight with your sexual partner.

There are another problems that a man could not last longer in bed, like penis is too sensitive, lack of sexual experiences, anxiety, stress, depression, diabetes, sexual dysfunction which is premature ejaculation and many more. You must able to search what is the root cause of could not lasting longer in bed. Most likely case, man suffer premature ejaculation. If you suffer PE, there are alternate ways could help you to delay your ejaculation. They are with exercises, take medicine and spray.

The experts said that the best technique you can learn for delaying ejaculation and know how to last longer in bed are: Kegel exercises, squeeze combine with start and stop technique. If these technique don’t work, you could take pills or spray to delay your ejaculation such as: Viagra, Cialis, delay spray or cream and topical anesthetics. Remember not to take medicine for a long time because it is not good for your health and you must able to solve your body problems by training your body with techniques that have been described above.

There is one program that could guarantee you how to last longer in bed tonight that you could join. Please take a look at hyperlink that has been created and you would gain your confidence and be like a pro in bed so your partner would satisfy and give up

how to last longer in bed

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